The New Magna Carta

The New Magna Carta is a bold vision and strategy to rejuvenate Western Civilization. On the 800th Anniversary of the original ‘Great Charter,’ Dr Nicholas Beecroft invites you to recalibrate your inner compass and map to help you navigate through this period of dramatic change that is reshaping our world.

The New Magna Carta proposes a clear vision of who we are, what we believe, what we value, where we want to get to and identifies the necessary steps to get there. It is intended as a living, evolving document to be continuously improved. Far from the pessimistic and powerless cynicism of our time, the New Magna Carta envisions a bright future. Let’s rise to the challenges we face and harness the creative energy of every human being alive to create a new civilization that enables each one of us to fulfil our potential.

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Dr Nicholas Beecroft is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has spent 25 years exploring the worlds of Medicine, Psychiatry, Business, Leadership, International Relations, Politics, the Military and Spirituality. He created the Future of Western Civilization Series of interviews with visionary leaders. He is author of Analyze West: A Psychiatrist Takes Western Civilization on a Journey of Transformation.