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1. Consciously use our inner map and compass

2. Self-confidence, Morale, Doubt and Criticism

2.1 Be self-confident and self-accepting but never arrogant or self-destructive
2.2 Have healthy self-esteem – challenge self-destructive, suicidal thinking
2.3 Learn from our mistakes and overcome our weaknesses
2.4 Balance doubt, criticism and our drive to improve with gratitude
2.5 Know our strengths, celebrate our successes and build upon them
2.6 Continuously adapt and improve to survive and thrive
2.7 Ask not what your civilization can do for you – ask what you and we can do to survive, thrive and fulfil our potential

3. Human Beings in a Conscious, Living System

3.1 Treat people like human beings
3.2 Love yourself and others
3.3 Be guided by your heart
3.4 Use your gut instinct
3.5 Perceive the universe as a conscious living system

4. Values and World Views

4.1 Be conscious of our values and promote their healthy expression, adapted to the task and situation
4.2 Integrate and balance the best of all dimensions
4.3 Manage the dark side of human nature
4.4 Live your values; walk the talk
4.5 Treat others as they would wish to be treated
4.6 Treat people as individuals in a particular context

5. Creating the Future

5.1 Nurture the seeds of the future
5.2 Maximise human potential through creativity, experiment, learning and entrepreneurialism
5.3 Use diversity and devolution to experiment and innovate
5.4 Live in the present, not the past or future
5.5 Hold your beliefs and expectations lightly
5.6 Individuals are responsible for their own actions alone
5.7 Heal intergenerational wounds
5.8 Focus on what you do want, not what you are against
5.9 Ask incisive, empowering questions
5.10 Find out what is already working well and make it even better
5.11 Create Heaven on Earth, starting now
5.12 Think positive and be optimistic
5.13 Visualise Success
5.14 Consider future generations
5.15 Create a free online school and university
5.16 Be a creator, challenger and coach, not a victim, perpetrator or rescuer.

6. Power, Authority and Leadership

6.1 Empower healthy authority with accountability, responsibility and transparency
6.2 Design and lead our organisations in line with human nature
6.3 Identify common values and superordinate goals
6.4 Experiment with self-organisation
6.5 Use Authentic Outcome Measures
6.6 Really listen – give others your full attention
6.7 Practise empathy
6.8 Build and nurture trust – deter and punish breaches of trust
6.9 Be authentic
6.10 Manage risks whilst maximising courage, fun, adventure and innovation
6.11 Teach and mentor leadership skills across society

7. Who are We?

7.1 Wisely manage the transition from local tribalism to global humanism
7.2 Clearly distinguish between race, ethnicity, nationality, behaviour and beliefs
7.3 The word ‘racism’ should be used accurately, not used as a weapon
7.4 Judge and discriminate between people not on the basis of their skin colour but rather their behaviour, actions and values
7.5 Eliminate all forms of racism
7.6 Nurture healthy patriotism and healthy identities
7.7 Write our shared human story
7.8 Heal racial wounds
7.9 Enforce a strict taboo against racial or ethnic victim mentality
7.10 Where apparent racial inequalities exist, address the underlying causes
7.11 No group gets special rights or privileges

8. Immigration and Citizenship

8.1 Each country must control its borders and manage immigration
8.2 Anyone of any race or background can become a citizen of a Western Country if they share Western values, respect native identity and accept the rights and freedoms of others
8.3 Citizenship is earned on probation, not given lightly
8.4 Your citizenship must reflect your primary loyalty
8.5 Manage migration to protect the rights, freedom, security and prosperity of the existing population
8.6 Welcome visitors
8.7 Carefully select new citizens
8.8 Actively welcome and integrate new citizens
8.9 Protect asylum seekers and refugees in the nearest safe country.
8.10 The elites of countries failing to control migration will lose access to the West
8.11 Encourage development, security, good governance and education in the developing world

9. Truth and Knowledge

9.1 Assert your best attempt at the truth given the available evidence.
9.2 Doubt and scepticism are powerful tools – use them wisely
9.3 Keep an open mind, be creative, experiment and challenge our assumptions and theories
9.4 Experiment with the assumption that the universe is living and conscious
9.5 Be humble about what we know and what we don’t know
9.6 Root out all forms of bias in our beliefs and science
9.7 Deter, detect and punish scientific fraud and manipulation
9.8 Educate the public in philosophy, science, intuition, instinct and wisdom
9.9 Open scientific research to public creativity and scrutiny
9.10 Governments and charities must fund non-commercial science
9.11 Learn from nature
9.12 Measure what is valuable and acknowledge what you haven’t measured

10. Judgement and Morality

10.1 Make wise judgements
10.2 Make wise judgements about what is right and wrong, good and bad

11. Spirit, Religion and Religious Fascism

11.1 Clearly distinguish religion from race, politics, nationalism and ethnicity
11.2 No discrimination based on religion is permitted
11.3 Everyone has the right to pursue and promote their own spiritual path (or none) so long as that does not harm the rights of anyone else
11.4 Freedom of religion comes with the responsibility to respect others’ right to disagree, criticise and laugh at you.
11.5 Show polite respect for that which others sincerely hold sacred, but never sacrifice freedom, democracy or security.
11.6 No religious person or group may impose demands or restrictions upon others, or use intimidation, violence or terrorism in the name of religion
11.7 Be a safe base for people to adapt their religious beliefs to the modern world
11.8 Allow people in other countries to practise their religion as they choose
11.9 Rejuvenate our spiritual core, on our own terms
11.10 Promote spiritual entrepreneurialism
11.11 Never indulge the victim mentality of religious extremists
11.12 Religious activities must be open to public scrutiny in the native language
11.13 Religious groups must be inclusive of the whole nation
11.14 Foreign funding or organisation of religious activity is forbidden
11.15 Parents may choose to educate their children in their chosen religion
11.16 Each religion is responsible for maintaining its reputation, ethos and good governance
11.17 Make reasonable accommodations to enable people to practise their religion, but never appease manipulation, supremacism or colonial activity
11.18 Political parties must be non-religious and open to all
11.19 Western Christianity must make assertions and set boundaries

12. Sex, Gender and Reproduction

12.1 Have enough children to maintain the wellbeing of the population
12.2 Everyone is free to explore and express their sexuality however they choose
12.3 Sex with children, animals or adults who don’t or can’t give informed consent is absolutely unacceptable and should be punished severely
12.4 Your sexuality is your own private business
12.5 There must be no discrimination by sexuality
12.6 Sex education should be thorough, holistic, practical and life long
12.7 Men and women are equal in value and should be treated with equal respect
12.8 Each individual can express their gender identity and balance of masculinity and femininity however they choose
12.9 Express and promote mature, healthy masculinity and femininity

13. Childhood and Family

13.1 Give children love, security, education, discipline and boundaries
13.2 Give every child a fair start – intervene early where this does not happen
13.3 Have zero tolerance for abuse, bullying, poor school discipline and gangs
13.4 Children must learn how to think for themselves
13.5 Rejuvenate and recreate rites, rituals and traditions
13.6 Value family and children as a common social good
13.7 Value and make use of elders
13.8 Die well

14. Community

14.1 Strengthen community – develop community services
14.2 Maintain healthy boundaries – good fences make good neighbours
14.3 Pay it forward
14.4 Keep public spaces safe and smart
14.5 Public toilets must be clean and easily accessible

15. Care

15.1 Value care and support carers
15.2 Care for others especially the vulnerable, sick, young, old and disabled
15.3 Care homes, hospitals and hospices must have a spiritual foundation
15.4 Involve families, volunteers, charity and the community in care

16. Energy

16.1 Invest a World War II level of effort in discovering and implementing abundant, cheap, clean, secure and renewable energy technologies

17. Medicine and Health

17.1 Eat well – make healthy, tasty food easily available and affordable
17.2 Breathe properly
17.3 Deeply relax once a day
17.4 Everyone must have access to a peaceful place with trees, water and grass
17.5 Promote fitness, wellness and illness prevention
17.6 Place compassion, care and healing at the centre of medicine and nursing
17.7 Give everyone fair and prompt access to healthcare according to clinical need
17.8 Medical science must be holistic and integrated
17.9 Support research in developing countries

18. Security, Justice and Regulation

18.1 Everyone has the right to security
18.2 Have zero tolerance for bullying, violence, violation, abuse or corruption
18.3 Never be ‘liberal’ with the security of the poor, weak and vulnerable
18.4 Everyone is equal before the law
18.5 You have freedom from arbitrary arrest
18.6 Ensure equal access to justice
18.7 Everyone is entitled to fair trial and legal process
18.8 People are innocent unless proven guilty
18.9 Justice must come quickly, fairly and to a high standard.
18.10 Courts must be independent in practice and democratically accountable in principle
18.11 Remove the underlying causes of crime
18.12 Deter, detect, punish, forgive AND rehabilitate criminals
18.13 Punishments must be effective and satisfy the public
18.14 Optimise regulation, law and justice with minimum interference to freedom
18.15 Those found guilty of violating others’ rights and freedoms lose their own
18.16 The rights of victims and the public supersede those of a criminal

19. Freedom, Rights and Responsibilities

19.1 You have freedom of thought, speech, movement, association and assembly so long as you respect the rights and freedoms of others
19.2 Where people cannot agree on matters of freedom, rights and responsibility, courts must arbitrate
19.3 You have the right to life and the responsibility to protect the lives of others
19.4 Punishment must be effective, not sadistic
19.5 Slavery or forced labour is prohibited
19.6 Freedom can only be taken away subject to the law
19.7 Everyone has the right to a private personal life and marriage
19.8 Everyone has freedom from discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, beliefs and, where practical, age, disability and health

20. Government

20.1 Ultimate power and sovereignty arises from the people
20.2 Governments must serve the people, protect them and create the conditions for maximising their potential
20.3 Governments must be chosen in free and fair elections
20.4 Government is accountable to the people
20.5 The government must represent and act for all law-abiding people
20.6 The government is subject to the law
20.7 Referenda are required in order to change the constitution
20.8 No one may give away a nation’s sovereignty, security, freedom or resources
20.9 No taxation without representation
20.10 No benefits without contribution
20.11 Taxation must be fair and kept to the minimum necessary
20.12 Taxation and government spending must be transparent and accountable

21. Media and Information

21.1 Censorship must be kept to the minimum necessary
21.2 The media must provide diverse, balanced and accurate information
21.3 Journalists must be accountable for telling the truth
21.4 Ownership and control of the media must be diverse and transparent
21.5 Present good news as well as bad
21.6 Make it safe for comedians to laugh at modern taboos and extremists

22. Democracy

22.1 Encourage free and creative thinking
22.2 Continuously innovate and experiment to improve democracy
22.3 Practise transpartisan politics
22.4 Engage in deep dialogue
22.5 Resolve conflicts, injustice and resentment at the earliest opportunity.
22.6 Ask creative questions, don’t play the blame game
22.7 Challenge groupthink, wishful thinking and other distortions of thinking
22.8 No groups get special privileges
22.9 Distinguish healthy and unhealthy politics
22.10 Include zealots, flamethrowers and ideologues but don’t let them take over
22.11 Think strategically and commit to seeing things through
22.12 Treat politicians as human beings
22.13 Lobbying must be transparent
22.14 Keep money out of politics
22.15 Upgrade political correctness – make modern and postmodern bigots taboo
22.16  Continue to suppress the traditional bigot and religious bigot
22.17  Suppress the racist, ‘anti-racist’ bigot
22.18  Suppress the reductionist bigot
22.19  Suppress the gender bigot
22.20  Suppress the environmentalist bigot
22.21  Suppress the victim-monger bigot
22.22  Suppress the anti-success bigot
22.23  Suppress the relativist bigot

23. Success, Fairness and Equality

23.1 Everyone has equal value as a being, equal rights and equality before the law
23.2 Avoid all forms of harmful discrimination
23.3 Embrace authentic diversity
23.4 Promote a culture of fairness – deter entitlement and freeloading
23.5 Ensure that duty, sacrifice, hard work, discipline and creativity pays off
23.6 Celebrate success, reward success and share the fruit
23.7 Empower, enable and support those who are struggling, who make mistakes and who fail, helping them to get back on their feet
23.8 Everyone must have a home, adequate food, water and basic essentials
23.9 Welfare must be fair to the taxpayer and those who work
23.10 The welfare system must be fair, discriminating and compassionate
23.11 End poverty of love, opportunity, security, family, support, skills, discipline, community, spirit and imagination

24. Finance and Economy

24.1 Harness the power of capitalism in the service of human potential
24.2 See money as human energy flowing into human potential
24.3 Put a financial value on what we truly value
24.4 Experiment with measuring different types of growth
24.5 Society must support and nurture business
24.6 Make your own decisions – don’t follow the crowd
24.7 Be optimistic! This is the best time ever to invest and create!
24.8 Promote entrepreneurialism, creativity and innovation in every school, university and workplace
24.9 End debt slavery
24.10 Deter, detect and punish all corruption and unfair competition

25. Environment and Sustainability

25.1 Leave future generations with a clean planet abundant with life and resources
25.2 Treat animals with love and kindness, especially those we eat
25.3 Food must be properly labelled
25.4 Improve food security
25.5 Put a financial and political value on air, water, trees, nature, land and resources
25.6 Don’t buy stuff you don’t need
25.7 Clean up after ourselves – aim for zero pollution
25.8 Promote and protect biodiversity
25.9 Explore, colonise and mine space
25.10 Environmental science must be scrupulously disciplined and unbiased

26. Defence and International Relationships

26.1 Wisely manage the transition from Western hegemony to global civilisation
26.2 Make our civilization so attractive that others choose to align with us
26.3 Identify and resolve conflicts and tension at the earliest opportunity
26.4 Consider the whole world in your decisions and actions
26.5 Let others be who they choose to be, offering support where requested
26.6 Judge ideas and behaviours, not people or ethnicities
26.7 Ensure that food, water, energy, healthcare and education are available globally
26.8 Respect others’ boundaries, identity and security
26.9 All countries must have fair access to energy, resources, water and food
26.10 Lead by example, living our values authentically
26.11 Peace through overwhelming strength
26.12 Build alliances based on love, compassion, fairness, magnanimity, reciprocity and protecting the weak from predators
26.13 Empower and support others wisely – no more victim-rescuer games
26.14 Value both security and peace
26.15 Listen deeply and acknowledge criticism, but never indulge victim mentality or scapegoating
26.16 Encourage democracy to achieve natural growth – never impose it
26.17 Invest properly in defence – don’t freeload on others
26.18 Stop playing ‘goodies and baddies’
26.19 The decision to use military force must be scrutinised and accountable without sacrificing security
26.20 Military interventions must have clear goals, strategy, be properly resourced and be pursued with vigour and tenacity
26.21 Punish those who fund or support terrorism or religious extremism
26.22 Make it known that the use of weapons of mass destruction will result in the elimination of those responsible, their families and supporters, with no mercy.

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